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Do you have a sound estate plan in place to manage the distribution of your assets after you die? If not, consider speaking with a trained Norwalk estate planning attorney who can make sure your assets are protected, along with your wishes for what you would like to happen to them after you pass away.

At the Law Office of James H. Park, we put our almost 20 years of experience to work on behalf of our clients to offer them the best options for managing their estates. Our reputation for high-quality legal services is well known throughout Southern California and we stake this reputation on every client we assist with their estate planning needs.

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The firm is well-versed in California’s complex of estate planning laws and knows the best means of avoiding estate taxes when you attempt to pass real property to an heir or other beneficiary.

The Law Office of James H. Park can provided assistance with:

Wills and trusts

Advanced heath care directives (AHCD)

Probate litigation and administration

Anyone dying without a proper will or trust in place die intestate, meaning the state’s laws of intestate succession determine who will inherit the estate rather than the deceased. You can avoid this by consulting with a Norwalk estate planning lawyer from our firm.

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In addition to wills and trusts, Attorney Park can help establish a durable power of attorney which can provide a healthcare directive in the event that you are incapacitated for any reason. This will give direction to doctors in how to provide for long-term care so there is no issue should the unthinkable happen.

Whether you need to set up a will or trust, or your current estate plan needs to be revised and updated, our firm can assist you in navigating the relevant state legislation so your plan accurately reflects your desire for the future of your assets.

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