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Having an estate plan in place protects your wishes for your assets when you pass away and ensures it is transferred without having to go through probate. A Cypress estate planning attorney can help you understand all that is at stake when you die without a will or become incapacitated without a power of attorney.

At the Law Office of James H. Park, we provide clients with the benefits of our nearly 20 years of legal experience. We work hard to ensure your will or trust completely addresses every issue regarding your estate so your beneficiaries will not have to endure probate court or other contentious legal battles. Turn to us when you need to form a will or trust, or need to update one you already have.

Take action to ensure your assets!

You worked hard to build up your estate, so ensure it is protected for future generations. No matter the size of the assets you wish to leave for beneficiaries, you need to entrust it to an estate planning lawyer.

If you pass away without an estate plan in place, you die in what is known as “intestate,” which means that essentially the state will determine what will happen to your property instead of you.

Ensure the Survival of Your Estate

With an estate plan in place, this can also save your heirs from fighting it out in court over your estate. Further, with a power of attorney in place, your family will know ahead of time how proceed with your healthcare if you are suddenly left incapacitated by a stroke or coma.

Turn to the Law Office of James H. Park if you do not have an estate plan or if your current plan needs to be updated to include a recent birth, death, marriage, or other significant event in your family.

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