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The Cost of Probate vs. Simple Estate Planning

Over the course of our more than 15 years of experience, we at the Law Office of James H. Park have seen first-hand how many individuals fail to leave behind a will or a living trust when they pass away. This often results in having their estate tied up in the probate process for months and even a year in some cases. Probate can be a messy, costly, and lengthy process for surviving family members.

Benefits of Estate Planning

In light all of this, we strongly encourage our clients to enact even the simplest estate plan in order to ensure that their estate does not fall into probate. The stress and costs of probate can be easily avoided through estate planning. Why give portions of your hard-earned estate to the probate court and administrators when you can save it for your beneficiaries?

The benefits of estate planning include the following:

  • Cost. The average cost of probate proceedings is $40,000.
    A simple estate plan costs just $1,500.
  • Saves time. Probate can take up to a year after the file is opened. An estate plan is effective immediately upon death.

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Our firm has served countless individuals across Southern California – including Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Riverside County – with their estate planning needs. We wish to provide you with the one-on-attention you need in order to create an effective and thorough estate plan. We can take care of all the details on your behalf and ensure that your estate plan reflects your unique wishes. Whether you need a will or a trust, or even both, we will make sure we establish an ironclad estate plan for you. Our firm is known for providing responsive, effective, and individualized assistance for all legal matters.

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