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Providing for your future in terms of protecting your assets for your beneficiaries can be complex without professional legal help. You want to know that your estate will not be held up in probate court when you die, which means you need to speak with a seasoned Cerritos estate planning attorney to discuss your best options for passing on what you have worked hard to acquire.

Attorney Park has been providing focused legal advice to clients across Southern California for nearly 20 years. He understands how property functions in the state exceeding well and has even been a licensed real estate broker since 2003. Our firm provides the in-depth and specialized counsel you need to ensure your wishes are respected after your passing.

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You likely have plans regarding how you would like your property to be passed on after you die—to your children or grandchildren, a charity of your liking, etc. Having an estate plan before your pass away protects these wishes from dispute in the aftermath.

Consulting with an accomplished Cerritos estate planning lawyer is the best means of finding a way to preserve your property and assets regardless of how old you are.

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Having your wishes enshrined in a will or trust can not only protect your estate but can go a long way towards saving your loved ones from feuding over your assets.

The Law Office of James H. Park can also assist with setting up power of attorney in the event that you become incapacitated. This way, you can have a plan set up in advance to manage your health and estate.

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