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If you pass away without an estate plan established, or become incapacitated through stroke or coma and do not have a power of attorney set up, the future of your assets could be in jeopardy. The process can be confusing if you try to navigate it yourself, which is why you should speak with a dedicated Buena Park estate planning lawyer who can walk you through the setting up of a solid plan which reflects your wishes for the future.

At The Law Offices of James H. Park, we have all the tools needed to protect your property and finances in the event of your death or incapacitation. Attorney Park has over 15 years of experience with helping individuals and families plan for their future without having to worry about the ordeal of probate.

Understand how You can Protect Your Estate

Setting out ahead of time what you would like done with your property can save time and money in the form of estate taxes and other fees.

Our firm can walk you through the following:

No matter how large or modest your estate is, you have worked hard for it and it deserves to be protected. Our Buena Park estate planning attorney can keep you from the legal limbo your assets can be caught in if you die intestate, or without a will or trust in place.

Powerful Advice & Representation

Having a power of attorney agreement in place can establish a health directive in the event that you are suddenly incapacitated by a stroke or coma. This can provide you and your family peace of mind ahead of time by knowing what to do and what you would like to have happen in such an event.

Speak with our firm right away if you do not have an estate plan in place or if you have not reviewed your plan in more than a year so you can keep it current.

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